“Products for players and supporters to remember sporting occassions forever”

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Unique Designs

Key Details including:
– Teams involved

Personal To You

Your name
Jersey Number worn
Personal Score Tally

Different Colours

Array of colours to
represent your team


Supporters Wall Display Memoirs

Personalised Wall Display Memoirs

Supporters Attendance Memoir Card

Personalised Players Appearance Card


Providing an accessible platform for Supporters and Players to access meaningful un-paralleled Sports Memoirs.

Our Products provides customers with a tangible personal memoir outlining key details of games they have played in or attended.

Current Products available:
Supporters Attendance Memoirs – Wall Display
Players Appearances Memoirs – Wall Display
Supporters Attendance Memoir  Cards
Player Appearance Cards

Kieran McGeary & Frank Burns

Tyrone GAA & Pomeroy Plunketts GAC

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Features of My Games

Not everyone gets to taste success but the beauty of sport is that everyone can have a part to play.
Our detailed and meticulously crafted keepsakes will allow your match memories live on forever, for everyone to see.

This unique appearance memento will help you remember & celebrate your sporting career – game by game & season by season.
Play your part and remember it!

Key features include:

Name & No.

Getting your hands on that coveted county or club jersey is special-Do you remember your debut, County final number, or your last game? Certify your involvement, remember the number you wore, the position you played. Refresh your memory on particular instances in the game such performance, scores etc.


Details of the two teams that played. Your own club crest-Your Identity, who you represent! -somthing you don’t get on an award or medal alongside your own name.Also your opponents crest from the day in question

Game Date

You may play the same teams a number of times a season-the date will help you filter & pinpoint the specific match, remember time of year, conditions, maybe even the journey to and from the match.


Outlining the venues of where the matches took place may spark more memories of specific match details or the journey to and from the venue. Relive the atmosphere whether in the local club pitch or large stadiums!


Win, Lose or Draw this is the deciding factor!

Personal tally

Have the option if needed to add your personal scoring tally , just like the match report would have.


Details of the stage of the competition played in. Eg: Championship, League, cup etc.